"Every Artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures"

                                                                                                                      Henry Ward Beecher

For as long as I can remember, I was drawing or painting things. As a child, my primary method of channeling joy was the creation of art. My grandmother was an accomplished painter and I felt a connection with her artistic spirit.

I loved color, the more intense and vibrant, the better, and I liked to explore its use in a variety of combinations. This passion continued into college at the University of North Texas where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


I have painted all my life but currently, my focus has shifted to a new and unusual technique of painting called “Reverse Painting.”  Also known by the French term, “Verre Eglomise”, it means the paint is applied to the back side of clear glass or acrylic and then the image is viewed from the front. Seeing the art this way gives my pieces a special luster and glow that can’t be achieved using a canvas.

To begin, I apply liquid oil paint, in vibrant colors, to clear sheets of acrylic, painting the foreground details first and then adding layers as I work my way through to the background. This is the direct opposite of the traditional way of painting, and it presents exciting challenges because once a layer is applied, it cannot be changed. A meticulous order must be followed with the coats of paint, for if a detail is forgotten, it can't be added afterwards.

The first layers consist of fine detail applied deliberately but the final layers are liquid paint poured randomly and with abandon. So there is a blending of artistic approach in each piece that is satisfying to me.

The paint is comprised of oil colors and mediums mixed into a unique liquid formula that allows for unusual textures and patterns to emerge during the drying process. These are as individual to each piece as fingerprints and give the artwork a fascinating quality of detail, making each painting truly unique.

To finish, I then float mount the acrylic onto a hand painted base using architectural bolts. This 3 dimensional framing method gives the image the effect of moving in real space toward the viewer. It’s as if the art comes alive for the person standing before it.


I have always drawn inspiration from nature and the outdoors, and as a result, my subjects are often wild animals. I believe these animals' true spirits are vivid and colorful. So, I give them the vibrancy that I know is within them. And I believe that is how God sees the animals as well.

There is a real connection that I discover with each of my subjects as I paint and I find, through the creation process, their true personality shining through. That is the best part about painting!

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